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Best Websites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free in 2020 [Full Episodes]

Are you looking for free streaming websites? Here is list of best sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free in 2020 with full episodes availability.

How do you entertain yourself when there’s no one around? Most people say that they will prefer to watch any good movie or TV show to entertain themself. Here we are with the best streaming platforms to watch TV shows online free with full episodes. The good thing is that most of them also allow you to watch movies as well.

Whether you travel with a group or a solo traveler, a smartphone is the best companion of everyone. We can do a lot of things, including some daily routine tasks on a smartphone. If you seek entertainment in your pocket, then this article contains the list of most popular websites to watch TV shows online for free of cost. Let’s get dive into the main discussion!

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Best Websites to Watch Full Episodes TV Shows Online for Free in 2020

In this section, we have listed the best websites to watch TV shows online free in 2020. Most of the listed sites deliver free content, but some of them are premium ones. Without any further delay, let’s check out the list of best websites to watch TV shows online for free:

#1 Netflix

Netflix is the market leader when it comes to streaming movies or TV. There are plenty of streaming options available to watch high-quality content. As you might be aware, Netflix is a premium streaming service. Therefore, you have to pay for a premium subscription.


Apart from movies and TV shows, Netflix has some exclusive content, which you can exclusively watch on this platform. There is a free 30 days trial available for those who want to test its services. You can install the Netflix app from Play store if you are using it on a smartphone or tablet. For PC, you just need to open its official website.

Visit: https://www.netflix.com

#2 Dailymotion

Dailymotion is gaining more popularity day by day with its unbeatable library of videos and movies. Unlike YouTube, Dailymotion lets you explore content as per your mood. You can watch interviews, movies, TV shows, local videos, news, etc. All the different categories are provided on the front page, which you can explore as per your needs.

If you love playing music videos, then Dailymotion is the perfect app for you. The app offers a lot of other features to stay organized with your entertainment. The app is for free, and you can get it from Play Store.

Visit: https://www.dailymotion.com/

#4 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s video streaming service is gaining more popularity day by day as the company has started offering original content to its subscribers, just like Netflix. You can download and install this app for free on your Android device. For testing purposes, the app lets you explore its content library for 30 days for free.

Amazon Prime Video

If you are satisfied with their content library and the way they deliver their services, then you can go for the premium subscription plan. The good thing is that Prime Video has some exclusive shows, which you can’t find anywhere else. Amazon is charging you premium fees, but in return, it is offering some high-quality content. So, if you are a TV series lover, you will find the exclusive content more engaging.

Visit: https://www.primevideo.com/

#4 GoMovies

GoMovies is one of the most popular free online website streaming services that provide you with the most top-rated movies in just one place. You can enjoy the entertainment shows in only one click on the website. It can be said that GoMovies can be one of the best alternatives you can choose when it comes to free website streaming.

You can visit Gomoviesfree.sc and enjoy numerous kinds of movies on this website. There are multiple genres available here as well as the new film being released in the theatre. You can watch TV series and also the blockbuster movies here without the necessity to create an account. The good thing is that it offers to Watch TV Shows Online for Free.

Visit: https://ww.gomoviesfree.sc/

#5 YesMovies

The good thing about YesMovies’ online streaming website is the layout that is well-maintained regularly. Not only the well-maintained design, but Yes Movies also offers its visitors with a bunch of good quality movies. This online streaming website contains many high-quality movies and even TV shows that are updated regularly.


The website can be visited on yesmovies.zone. Here on the page, you only need to type the title of the movies or TV series you want to watch. After type the name of the entertainment show, you can click the search symbol on the right side and Watch TV Shows Online Free. YesMovies online streaming website will search for the movies that you are looking for.

When the result is up, click on the title, and you can watch the movies or TV series free of charge. There are fewer ads and also popups that show up when you visit this website compare to other similar types of websites. You can also request the name of the movie if it is not yet available in its database. Yes, Movies will try to look for it and make the movie available for you to watch.

Visit: https://yesmovies.zone/

#6 BMovies

If you want to experience various types of movies from any other country in the world, then BMovies can be the best option for you. This website provides you with the distinct title of movies from four different countries. There are Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and also China. To get into this website, you can click on this link bmovies.co. On the first page, you can enter the keywords or the title of the movies you want to watch.

But you will need to create an account here to enjoy the movies with faster service. There are several filters applied to BMovies so that its users can get the movies they want immediately. Besides, there a separate section for TV shows, where you can Watch TV Shows Online for Free. The collection is decent enough to entertain yourself.

Visit: http://bmovies.co/

#7 ShowBox

ShowBox is yet another popular entertainment app for Android users. The app is not officially available on the Play Store, but it still has gained massive popularity worldwide with millions of its active users. The app serves an intuitive user-interface in which you will be provided with different categories with a search box.

You can search for your favorite movie or TV shows by entering its name. You can also download and watch your favorite movies offline from this app with its built-in media player. Overall, the app lets you Watch TV Shows Online for Free and movie streaming without any additional cost.

Download: ShowBox APP

#8 SeriesLover

Series Lover is a relatively new entertainment app on the Play Store for Android users, but the app has got everything to have the best entertainment at your end. It provides a streamlined interface where you would get to explore different categories to watch movies and TV Shows with full episodes.

The app supports full HD resolution that means you can watch your movies, TV Shows and other videos in full HD resolution, make sure you are connected with a high-speed Internet connection. It’s free to use the app, and it is compatible with Android Smartphones and Tablets running on older versions of Android.

Download: Android App


It is one of the most popular platforms in the USA and the UK to watch free movies and TV shows. The website owns a huge database of TV shows as well as movies. However, the site has been restricted to show content in some specific regions like India due to copyright content. But the website Vumoo.To is working fine in its key markets, the United States and the United Kingdom.


You can Watch TV Shows Online Free in full episodes without any hassle. However, the site lacks the database of most recent movies, but you can easily find the one-year-old movie in its collection. But this is not the case with TV shows. Most of the latest TV shows like The Haves and the Have Nots Season 7 are available to watch. You must love the website collection if you are in love with English content. Moreover, the user interface is very straightforwards. Therefore, you can easily access your favorite content.

Visit: http://vumoo.to/

#10 Project Free TV

Just like the name suggests, the ProjectFreeTV is a destination where you can watch all your favorite TV shows for free. The website has nothing related to movies and is just for the TV Show lovers. All in all, you can Watch TV Shows Online Free, and hence it completely justifies its name.


The content gets regular updates along with the addition of new episodes to the TV Shows. Almost all the available TV Shows can be streamed online in 720p and 1080p quality, and hence you will get a premium TV experience. It has a big database of the latest movies and TV series to watch it free of cost. You will love the content if you are a fan of TV shows.

Working URL: https://projectfreetv.fun/

#11 WatchSeriesHD

Watch Series is one of the most popular TV Shows streaming websites with a lot of high-quality content to stream for free. The website is so popular that it has now made the right amount of loyal and regular fans who use this website instead of a standard TV.

The website has a pretty friendly interface, and you will not find any problem in finding your favorite TV Shows. It has a beautiful maroon-white colored theme with a minimal and clutter-free content arrangement. Also, the website provides 2-3 different streaming servers for every single episode to offer a hassle-free watching experience. WatchSeriesHD is a paradise to Watch TV Shows Online Free as the name suggests.

Working URL: https://www3.watchserieshd.tv/

#12 PopCornFlix

Popcornflix has become a popular destination for TV shows lovers to Watch TV Shows Online Free. The site carries popular TV shows along with movies. You can instantly watch any of the shows without requiring signup. It is a one-click process to watch your favorite TV show. There are various categories available in the navigation section, where you can choose your favorite genre. It allows you to watch TV series in full episodes, in which you are going to love this feature.

The site was found in 1999 and keep uploading the content since its inception. In the current scenario, there are more than 1500 movies have been uploaded and several TV shows as well. It is one of the most popular websites to watch free content, whether moves or TV shows. You will feel amused after visiting this website with full of entertainment.

Visit: https://www.popcornflix.com/pages/discover/d/movies

#13 TinyZoneTV

This is a relatively newer website compared to other listed ones. But if you love to watch the latest TV shows, you can consider TinyZoneTV as your daily driver to get you entertained whenever you feel bored. The website offers a decent amount of TV series collection without charging any money. Of course, you have to deal with ads, but this is the only option for this site to survive.


The user interface seems to be okay in addition to ads. It lets you Watch TV Shows Online for Free. TinyzoneTV could be a secondary option due to the limited amount of content. But still, you can consider TinyZoneTV if you want more variety. Overall, it is a decent option to watch TV shows online on your Smartphone or PC, but with a restricted database.

Visit: https://tinyzonetv.to/

#14 Yadio

It is the new player on the list. It is a premier cross-platform search and discovery app to Watch TV Shows Online Free on any of your devices, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, PC, or any other device. The website was founded in 2008 and continuously growing after its launch. The website claim to have more than 15 million monthly users. The concept of the website is different then the other traditional TV shows sites.

It lets you watch popular sites’ content such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, HBO, etc. According to the website, there are over one million TV shows available to watch on its database. It is a considerable number, which you can’t find any other platform. This website is a combination of free and paid content to filter content, whichever suits you best.

However, the site doesn’t own content on its platform but takes to you in the right place. It works more or less than like a search engine. So, if you are confused about where to find your favorite content, you can consider using this service.

Visit: https://www.yidio.com/tv-shows

#15 Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another popular place to Watch TV Shows Online Free. It has thousands of TV shows and movies available to stream the content for free. The Pluto TV supports almosts all of the devices and a separate mobile application available to stream content on mobile devices. It behaves sort of premium services, but some ads may be visible while accessing the content. But, overall, the site user interface is immaculate, just like the other premium streaming websites.

The mobile app can be downloaded on the Amazon store, iOS app store, Android Play Store, and Roku. Meaning it covers all the major operating systems when it comes to accessibility. Overall, it is an excellent way to watch TV Shows Online Free alongside the latest moves and other streaming content.

#16 Europixhd

Europixhd is very popular among its audience residing in the USA and UK region. Most of its content is available in English, so it is an apparent reason for its popularity in English spoken destinations. The website offers the latest movies and TV shows, which you can watch without paying additional charges. When it comes to content, you can watch the most recent TV shows in the one-click process. It directly lets you Watch TV Shows Online Free.


There are a lot of filters available to access content easily, such as Years, Rating, Genre wise search availability. Its counts IMDB rating for the filter, which is a good indication when it comes to the popularity of certain TV shows. All in all, you can stream free TV shows and Movies on EuropixHD seamlessly.

Visit: https://europixhd.io/tvshow-filter/all-tv-shows

#17 Crackle

Crackle is an online streaming service by Sony. It is a restricted region service currently available in 21 countries. The platform was founded in 2006 as a Sony Pictures, later renamed to Crackle. It provides TV shows and movies produced & distributed by Sony Pictures. As you might be aware, Sony Pictures one of the largest producers and distributors of movies and TV shows in the USA and other European markets. So, it has a massive database available for TV shows.

Some of the exclusive shows are available on Crackle, which you can’t access anywhere else. The good thing is that it is free to use in specific regions. Currently, it is delivering content in three languages English, Portuguese, and Spanish. However, it lacks some of the major TV shows, but you can try it to watch some specific shows only available to Crackle. The process is straightforward; activate your device and start watching TV Shows Online for Free.

#18 ShareTV

ShareTV is another website to watch free TV shows online in a legal way. It offers various TV shows in full episode availability. The website homepage is very clean. There are minimal ads while watching the content; otherwise, no annoying ads, unlike the other free streaming websites.

You can choose between a massive collection of TV series and movies. It offers a decent streaming service free of cost. You should consider this website if you love to watch free TV shows online. Overall, ShareTV has the right amount of the latest TV collections, over, 1000+ as the website claims itself.

Visit: https://sharetv.com/shows

More Websites to Watch Free TV Shows & Movies

Bottom Line

In this article, We have also included the best possible websites and platforms to Watch TV Shows Online Free. The good thing is that most of the websites arrive with minimum ads. Therefore, the user experience will be clean.

However, some websites charge a premium subscription, but the free trial lets you check their services without paying any additional money. You can then decide whether they deserve to charge money or not. But I am pretty confident that you would be in love with their services. There are decent enough options to Watch TV Shows Online for Free, which we have covered in this article.

Some of the best sites are Vumoo, ProjectFreeTV, WatchSeriesHD, Bmoves, and WatchFree to access free TV shows content. Other premium services you can consider, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Sony Crackle. Overall, we have numerous options to choose in between. If you love to Watch TV Shows Online Free, you should consider the suggested options. What are your thoughts? Do let’s know in the below comment section!

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Watch TV Shows Online Free – FAQ

Where can I watch TV Shows Online for Free?

There are numerous websites available where you can watch TV Shows online for free of cost. Some of the popular names are Vumoo, ProjectFreeTV, Crackle, WatchSeriesHD, Bmovies, EuropixHD and many more.

Do I need to use VPN to Watch Free TV Shows?

However, it isn’t necessary to use VPN to watch Free TV shows. Still, in some instances, it is required to use restricted websites such as Crackle. VPN also saves you from annoying ads that most of the free streaming sites are imposing heavily.

Are free streaming websites legal to watch TV shows?

Yes, most of the sites are legal to watch free TV shows within the public domain. But if you are accessing unlicensed content, then it may give you problems, as well as the website, are trying to access. If it is working fine, that means its completely legal to access.

What are the best websites to watch TV Shows without signup?

There are various websites available to stream content without signups including Bmoves, GoMovies, ProjectFreeTV, EuropixHD, TinyZoneTV and Popcornflix.

What precautions should I take to access free streaming websites?

If you are going to access free streaming websites, you first need to install adblocker on your device. It allows you to block ads and malware, which can harm your device. Moreover, you can also use VPN to hide your privacy and restriction-free experience on most of the free streaming websites to watch TV shows online free.


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