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WatchCartoonOnline – Watch Free Cartoons, Proxy/Mirror, Alternatives [2020]

WatchCartoonOnline is a Streaming Website to Watch FREE Cartoons Online. Top 10 Best Alternatives, Working Proxy & Mirror Websites in 2020

Are you looking for WatchCartoonOnline alternatives to watch free cartoons? Then You are in the right place. Cartoons are one of the essential elements of our childhood that makes it so so unique. The cartoon teaches us some of the crucial lessons of our lives in the most effective and fun way. But as most of us grow and reach our adulthood, we lose our interest in those cartoons. But still, some people like me love to watch cartoons. There is a very vast crowd on Earth who loves to watch cartoons online.

I have more interest in Anime, but many of the non-anime cartoons are also really very commendable. And WatchCartoonOnline is a website where you can watch online cartoons for free. Millions of daily WCO users watch cartoons online. But is it as simple as it looks? Is the WatchCartoonOnline website safe and legal? I am going to discuss all this in this article. Along with that, I have also provided some of the best WatchCartoonOnline alternatives, including some Anime streaming websites for anime lovers like me.

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What Is WatchCartoonOnline?

WatchCartoonOnline is an online cartoon streaming website that provides free facilities to watch cartoons, and this is what its name suggests. WatchCartoonOnline can be an excellent destination for those who love to watch cartoons via the internet or are not able to watch TV regularly for some reason.

The WatchCartoonOnline is one of the best places where you can get all the latest cartoon series along with tons of complete cartoon series. It provides a regular update of new episodes on the website as soon as it gets released.

WatchCartoonOnline APK/App

WatchCartoonOnline is a one-stop solution to stream cartoon content online for free. But it’s quite a bit inconvenient to open the browser, go to the website and then watch the content. In such circumstances, an app always plays a significant role. It becomes straightforward to access any service via an app, and the same is the case with WatchCartoonOnline.

If you are looking for the WatchCartoonOnline app, then I can say that I came across one such app which provides online cartoons for free. No, I can’t say with confidence that the WatchCartoonOnline APK is legit or not as I didn’t find that on the WatchCartoonOnline website. But still, you can download the WatchCartoonOnline APK from here.

Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives to Watch Free Cartoons in 2020

Here are some of the best WatchCartoonOnline website alternatives that you can use to watch online cartoons for free.

#1 KissCartoon

The first alternative to the WatchCartoonOnline on my list is KissCartoon. The website is very popular among cartoon lovers due to various reasons. KissCartoon has a massive database of high-quality cartoon series with every Episode along with a regular upload of so many famous cartoons daily.


The website has a long-range of websites like KissAnime and KissAsian, whose main motive is to provide AnimeAnime and Asian TV Shows/Movies. The website has a separate section for the Cartoon list where you can find any cartoon series specific to your desire. Each and ever listed cartoon series is listed whether it has been completed or is on what Episode right now.

Working URL: https://kisscartoon.nz/

#2 KissAnime

If you are an amine lover just like me and was using WatcCaroonOnline for that purpose, then you at the wrong destination. WatchCatoonOnline does not have that much Anime content plus, Anime is a huge world in itself, and it requires a dedicated space. Hence I would recommend you to use KissAnime for that.


KissAnime is a website that is just dedicated to providing a high-quality anime world for anime lovers just like you. The website is a sister website of KissCartoon and KissAsia, and all of them are very popular in the online entertainment and streaming market.

Working URL: https://kissanime.nz/

#3 KimCartoon

Another huge and very popular listing that can be your next online cartoon streaming destination is KimCartoon. This website is on the next level in terms of popularity and cartoon content. KimCartoon is currently handling 10+ million visits across the world, which is a considerable number.


This tremendous amount of traffic speaks about the website itself that how good the streaming service and quality of the KimCartoon website are. KimCartoon has sections like the Cartoon List, Request, Report Error, etc. for a convenient and hasslefree online cartoon streaming experience.

Working URL: https://kimcartoon.to/

#4 CartoonCrazy

I can very the legitimacy of its name. The CartoonCrazy website is a wild place of crazy cartoon lovers. The CartoonCrazy website has a well-established and content-rich database of hundreds of thousands of cartoon episodes distributed among thousands of cartoon series.


The website has a Cartoon List section just like any other popular cartoon streaming website, but it also has a “Select Genre” section, which allows you to find the type of content the cartoon is based on. You can have cartoons in different genres, like Animation, Mystery, Comedy, etc.

Working URL: https://www1.cartooncrazy.net/

#5 Cartoon8

The next WatchCartoonOnline alternative on our list is Cartoon8. If you have not heard about this website, then there is nothing to surprise as the website is new. It doesn’t have that much popularity among the cartoon lovers. But believe me, guys, it has the potential to replace your previous online cartoon streaming website.


The website has a big content network of high-quality cartoon series, among which some are completed, and some are ongoing with daily new episodes. The website has a separate section to go to the ongoing cartoons, which mostly include the latest cartoons which are being aired on TV.

Working URL: https://cartoon8.tv/

#6 MyCartoon

Another new but very potential-packed online cartoon streaming website is MyCartoon. The website is continuously gaining popularity due to its regularity of uploading new episodes of famous cartoons. Also, there are so many complete series of cartoons and movies which the website a real cartoon fan’s paradise.


The website also has the cleanest and modern look among all the cartoon streaming websites that I have listed till now. There are possibilities that you will find the website to have a very less amount of content. This is because the website is very new, but it is uploading new content regularly. And you can request your desired cartoon series or movie as well.

Working URL: https://mycartoon.tv/

#7 CartoonShow

CartoonShow.me is a very underrated yet extremely capable free cartoon streaming. It has a nicely working streaming service with a not-so-annoying popup ads system. The website has a very straight forward streaming procedure.


Just a couple of clicks and popup ads, and that’s it. The content quality is also superior, and I liked the fact that you can select whichever Episode you want even on the streaming page of an episode, which is a convenient feature to jump anywhere on that particular carton series.

Working URL: https://cartoonshow.me/

#8 GoGoAnime

Though Anime comes under the cartoon category, it has way more fans than any other famous non-anime cartoons. You can even put the AnimeAnime on one side and the rest of the cartoons on the other side for the comparison, but still, AnimeAnime would have more fanbase.  Anime lovers can understand what I am trying to say.


And for that purpose, online anime websites like GoGo Anime is one of the prominent places. GoGo Anime has extreme popularity among anime lovers, and currently, the GoGo Anime website is experiencing almost 20+ million monthly page views. This amount of visits are way more than any other non-anime cartoon streaming website.

Working URL: https://www25.gogoanimes.tv/

#9 Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime, clearly, you can guess that its an anime website. And yes, you guessed it right. The Chia-Anime is yet another trendy online anime streaming website. If you didn’t like GoGo Anime for some reason, then you can try Chia-Anime. Chi-Anime is equally capable and popular among anime lovers.

Chia Anime

The website has about 6 million pageviews across the globe. And Chia-Aime owners know the responsibility of having such a vast crowd. The owners regularly upload the latest episodes of all the popular ongoing animes. It has a dedicated watch mode that clears all the unnecessary clutter and leaves you with just a minimal set of video playing features and Episode switching arrows.

Working URL: http://www.chia-anime.me/

#10 9Anime

9Anime is the beast of all online Anime streaming websites. It s even more popular than GoGo Anime. It has more than 30 million monthly pageviews, among which 50% are used to be the direct visitors. This can give you an idea about the loyal and regular fanbase of the 9Anime website.


All this has become possible due to the service and quality that 9Anime provides to the anime viewers. It has one of the most extensive indexed links of thousands of anime series that you can watch online for free.

Working URL: https://www10.9anime.to/

WatchCartoonOnline new working Proxy/Mirror website links in 2020

The links of the WatchCartoonOnline website keep changing from time to time, and hence, it becomes challenging for users to get those new links of the website. But don’t worry, we are here with a worthy solution. Just like most of the other free Anime sites, this website also has some working proxy and mirror links that unblock the original content with a different domain name.

However, many fake mirror websites claim to be original. But we have tried our best to find out legit WatchCartoonOnline websites that are working 100% fine by the time of updating this content. But they keep changing their domains from time to time. So, be with us to stay updated with working links. Here are some of the new WatchCartoonOnline website links:

  • https://www.wcostream.com/
  • https://www.thewatchcartoononline.tv/
  • https://www.wco.tv/
  • https://www.wcoforever.com/

Important Note: Before using these sites, make sure that you are using an Adblocker to avoid annoying ads and malware attacks. Please use it at your own risk; we are not responsible for any damage done while using these websites. You can also try VPN if you want to hide your identity to escape from any legal action if it is not permitted in your country.

WatchCartoonOnline not Working?

Yes, the original watchcartoononline.io website is no more working. The website was providing free cartoon content to stream online for quite a long time. And the point to note is that the website had no rights to share any of the cartoon content online for free. The respective cartoon owners and TV channels were facing a lot of trouble and loss due to websites like WCO.

All in all, WatchCartoonOnline was a piracy website that was being operated illegally. Hence, authorities took action against the website. But still, there are a couple of new emerging sister websites of WCO, which I have already told you above.

WatchCartoonOnline – FAQs

Is WatchCartoonOnline Legal?

No, the WatchCartoonOnline website is not legal at all. But it depends on your country too, that what are the piracy laws there. In some countries, streaming such content online is not a crime at all as long as you are not saving and distributing it publically. However, the owner of the website is doing illegal piracy things for sure if he doesn’t have proper distribution rights.

Is WatchCartoonOnline Safe?

WatchCartoonOnline is a pirated website, and such a website can’t be trusted fully. I would always advise you to stay away from any piracy promoting the website because you never know the intension of the owner. Such a website has the full potential to spy on you and your data. But I never came across such incidence o news for such websites, which are a point to be noted.

Where can I watch cartoon shows for free?

There are a lot of websites that provide the facility to watch free cartoons online. One of them is the WatchCartoonOnline website. But apart from I have also listed some of its alternative cartoon streaming websites which you can use. In my opinion, KissCartoon and KimCartoon websites are the best choices.

Where can I watch Dubbed Anime for free?

Anime is the Japanese cartoon series; hence, it becomes available most of the time in the Japanese language. But its fans are across the whole world who speak different languages. English, being a universal language, can be accepted everywhere, and hence most of the AnimeAnime gets dubbed in English. Some of the best websites to watch dubbed AnimeAnime are 9Anime, GoGo Anime, Chia-Anime, etc.

Final Conclusion

I hope that this article was helpful for you and you got to know something new from here. WatchCartoonOnline is a trendy cartoon streaming website, but as of now, the original website is not available. And here the alternatives come into play. I have listed a couple of WatchCartoonOnline alternatives along with some dedicated anime website for those who are anime fans like me.

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I have also discussed some of the FAQs related to WatchCartoonOnline. Like, is the website legal? Is it safe to use? And much more. Lastly, let me know your thoughts about this website and its alternatives. Feel free to write in the comment below.


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