Open New Horizons in Your Professional Life with Microsoft 70-744 Exam and Valid Practice Tests

The unlimited demands of the IT industry require professionals, shareholders and other interested parties to come up with modern techniques bringing solid solutions. To this point, Microsoft as one of the largest software corporations in the world has designed a perfect strategy for ensuring specialists’ deep engagement and prolific skills in their particular technology field.

In short, the company has developed a certification program requiring professionals to pass a series of industry-standard exams in order to upgrade their prowess in the area of expertise. So, a perfect example of one of the Microsoft certification exams is Microsoft MCSA 70-744 Practice Test Questions. Let’s have a look at how it can prove your mastery on the subject and sharpen your skills at the same time.

Overview of Microsoft 70-744 Exam

This 70-744 test measures candidates’ technical abilities and features needed to secure Windows Server 2016 system. The test is designed for candidates who know the approaches and methods of hardening Server setup and securing a virtual machine environment. Basically, the assessment evaluates the concepts covered in the following distinct topics:

  • Implementing Server Hardening Solutions
  • Securing Virtualization Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure Security
  • Privileged Identities Management
  • Implementation of Threat Detection Solutions
  • Implementing Workload-Specific Security

As is customary, Microsoft does not entirely disclose their exams’ structure. Based on the actual experience of doing Microsoft certification tests, a candidate should expect a two-hour test made up of around 40-60 multiple-choice, drag-n-drop, fill in the blank, and other types of questions. In addition, every candidate is required to pay an exam registration fee of $165.

Consequently, Microsoft 70-744 is a qualifying exam for the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential that validates your specific skills to manage the highly efficient and secure data centre, systems, virtualized devices and network infrastructure. Other exams that a professional can choose to pass willing to earn this credential include:

  • Exam 70-745: Implementation of Software-Defined Datacenter
  • Exam 70-537: Hybrid Cloud Configuration and Operation with Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Exam 70-414: Advanced Server Infrastructure Implementation
  • Exam 70-413: Design and Implementation of Server Infrastructure

Opening New Horizons with Microsoft 70-744 Exam

Now, it is important to focus on creating new opportunities for daily development both at work and in business. Most of the successful individuals globally aim at diversifying their resources and enriching opportunities to meet unlimited needs in the area. Here is the demand for the Microsoft 70-744 exam which is another tool enabling you to discover inspiring adventures in your professional life.

Just make sure to get ready with practice tests which are actual exam questions and answers!

So, don’t feel shy to pass the Microsoft 70-744 exam with the help of valid practice tests from ExamSnap, and their other tools and opportunities like 70-744 Premium Bundle. This great set includes premium 192 questions and answers accurately developed for your test, and an extensive training course in 295 lectures, all just for $34.99! Surely, don’t forget to download the excellent VCE Player simulating the test setting.

Well, take a look now at how you can reveal advanced opportunities in your new life with the skills gained with this particular exam.

  1. Firstly, having a degree in an IT-related program is a plus to any individual who wants to build a successful career. Upon the completion of an academic bachelor’s degree in software engineering, you may feel energized to become part of the team that brings solutions to the technology world. However, without practical work-related skills, you will have only a basic understanding of the important concepts. Herewith, with the knowledge on all the aspects and crucial expertise in the Microsoft 70-744 exam gained from the vendor-elaborated preparation tools and practice tests, you will find a concise way of using the skills to really make difference in the company.
  2. Secondly, employers tend to focus more on the professionals who have already shown job commitment by passing industry-standard exams such as the Microsoft 70-744 assessment. This will give you an edge to get considered for interesting job roles. Therefore, this test helps you to win opportunities that would not be possible with an ordinary, solely theoretical qualification.
  3. Accordingly, the Microsoft 70-744 exam also stands for a perfect tool for world-wide recognition through such an exam being offered by the giant Microsoft Corporation. With such a great validation, you’ll grasp the chance to be considered for leadership positions when it comes to the ultimate administration and management of the Windows Server environment.
  4. Apart from that, having this Microsoft badge is an added advantage for every IT professional because, with the MCSE: Core Infrastructure badge, your employment options would never be limited. With such enticing opportunities to work for many companies overseas, passing Microsoft 70-744 expands your job opportunities to the entire world!
  5. More importantly, this Microsoft exam on Securing Windows Server 2016 qualifies you for a higher salary. Upon getting this coveted MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification, you will surely be awarded an increase of 20% salary, at a minimum. If you are thinking of a good way to increase your annual wages, then you got an option.
  6. As for your future career prospects, get pleased to know about a great network security analyst, a network administrator, or a system engineer position. More to add, according to the latest research conducted by PayScale, MCSE certified professionals earn an average annual salary of $83,000 up.
  7. Finally, 70-744 expands the reach-out of your professional life through networking with colleagues who may have similar ambitions of transforming the world using technology. Moreover, most of the time employers will prefer you to represent their company in seminars and public events. As a result, you’ll get a chance to discover more and share ideas with colleagues who have advanced skills and knowledge in your area of expertise.

Bottom Line

There is always a need to expand your horizons in your area of expertise. Technology keeps changing, and it is always a plus when one possesses relevant skills to assume great responsibilities that come hand in hand with technology change.

With the Microsoft 70-744 exam and valid practice tests from the ExamSnap website, you are going to be among the most wanted professionals in the Information Technology industry. Hence, make arrangements and start your journey to earn the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential with solid practice tests from ExamSnap.

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