Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 7 is going up a notch in the size department relative to the Series 6.

The Series 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes, a move to expand size Apple Watch hasn’t seen since 2018’s Series 4.

The new displays are up to 20% larger than the Series 6 and 50% larger than the entry-level Series 3.

This will allow for bigger buttons and new features like a full standard QWERTY keyboard.

Like the iPhones, they tend to get bigger over time as people look to do more on them.

Apart from that…

Here’s a quick rundown of other Apple tidbits about the Series 7 vs. Series 6:

  • The new Series 7 display is 70% brighter indoors than the Series 6.
  • The watch is crack, water, and now dust resistant.
  • The watch now has a new USB-C charger that will speed up the watch’s charging time by over 30% over the Series 6.
  • Biking workouts have improved features — they now stop and start when you do. And they’ll also support fall detection in case you take a tumble during a workout.

There release date for the Series 7 is late-Fall 2021.

It will be priced at $399, compared to the Series 3 and entry-level Watch SE at $199 and $279, respectively.

Apple Watch features to look forward to

Bloomberg reported that Apple is working on major new health features such as:

  • body temperature
  • blood pressure, and
  • blood sugar detection

But they aren’t expected until 2022 or 2023 at the earliest.

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