How to Turn Customers’ Stories into Winning Marketing Ideas

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Here’s a short and sweet framework to come up with winning marketing ideas.

It takes four questions and a customer interview.


The questions:

1) What triggers people to begin the buying journey?

2) What job are they trying to get done?

3) What are their pains with other solutions?

4) What are their selfish desires?

The best part?

You can get these just from one buyer interview.

To explain this better, let’s take a look at an example interview.


Let’s say the product is height-rising insoles.

Question #1: What triggered you to begin the buying journey?

You want to find out the “trigger event,” the moment when your buyer moves from being uninterested in your product to being in the market.

Triggers can be environmental, mental, emotional, biological, or social.

Answer: “Being shorter than most women, hurting dating prospects.”

Question #2: What job were you trying to get done?

Answer: “Not have height be as much of an impeding factor on how people perceive me.”

Question #3: What pains did you experience with other solutions?

When a buyer lands on your store, they have likely checked and tried other solutions before.

If you know why previous solutions didn’t satisfy them, you can find clever ways to get in front of them.

Answer: “Other solutions are expensive or non-viable, so using insoles makes the most sense as an easy, inexpensive option.”

Question #4: What are your personal desires?

This is about understanding customers’ underlying personal motivations, so you can craft a better hook.

Answer: “There’s more to a person than height or appearance. Just like wearing a suit to an interview can positively impact your look, being an inch taller on a date can create more positive perceptions.”

Now you got the ingredients to cook up a winning campaign

You know a specific customer to target: Short guys (and possibly short women could be a small part of the market as well).

The objections they have with other solutions, where to find them, and what messages tie the best to their desire and emotions.

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