Oppo showcases a new prototype with extreme curved edges and waterfall display

Over the last couple of years, we have been entered a new era where every OEM is trying to produce a higher possible screen to body ratio by performing different implementations. Now the Chinese firm Oppo takes it to the next level. Shen Yiren, Oppo VP, showcases a new prototype machine with a 88 degrees sharp curvature on either side by covering almost 100% of the front portion. Further, a Weibo user publishes a hands-on video of the same device giving us a precise look of Oppo’s new waterfall display.

It is worth noting that the Oppo waterfall screen has no front camera on the front, and it is suspected to be using an under-screen camera. Previously, Oppo had announced the screen camera technology on Shanghai MWC2019, where the front camera was cleverly hidden at the bottom of the screen, which opened the prelude of the true full-screen era. Since it is just a prototype device, we can expect significant changes in the final version.

Furthermore, the company didn’t provide any information regarding its actual production. But it is speculated that the new handset will hit the market by 2020. Regardlessly, it could make a big difference in the industry to further achieve 100% screen-to-body ratio, where most of the smartphone manufacturers are working eagerly.

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