Home Featured Samsung announces Exynos 980 chipset with integrated 5G modem (updated)

Samsung announces Exynos 980 chipset with integrated 5G modem (updated)

Samsung announces Exynos 980 chipset with integrated 5G modem (updated)

Update: Samsung updated with a new product page, which confirms the Cortex-A77 cores are clocked at 2.2 GHz, while, the Cortex-A55 cores clock @1.8GHz.

Samsung unveils a new chipset dubbed as Exynos 980. The surprising thing is that it comes with an integrated 5G modem to conclude into a single chip. We were expected Kirin 990 would be the first one, but Samsung stunned us two days before the Kirin 990 official launch. Somehow, the new chip is mainly focused on 5G connectivity and IA capabilities.

Speaking to the in-house specs, it is fabricated on the 8nm FinFET process and uses octa-core CPU with two powerful latest Cortex-A77 and six power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores. The company is yet to mention its clock speed to get a batter idea of how powerful it is eventually. The new chip arrives Mali-G76 MP5 GPU to handle graphics-intensive tasks. The SoC supports up to 108MP camera including tri-core Image Signal Processor capable of holding up 5 sensors simultaneously.

In addition, it comes with integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which according to the company is 2.7 times faster than its predecessor and it can detect and understand the camera actions to apply appropriate customizations.

It can achieve up to whopping 3.55 Gbps internet speed in E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity combines 2CC LTE and 5G, otherwise, the normal 5G peak speed is up to 2.55 Gbps in sub 6GHz 5G spectrum, which is the mainstream in 5G industry. There are several models available for connectivity in between 2G to 5G with providing different kinds of speeds. Apart from that, it supports the latest WiFi 6 and 4K UHD video @120fps with HDR 10+. As far as availability is concerned, the mass production is expected to start by the end of this year.


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