Snapchat Ad Formats: A Primer

Diversifying your acquisition channels has been a common topic recently. And one platform that’s attracting many advertisers is Snapchat.

Snapchat can be a gold mine if you market to younger people, with the 15-35 age group accounting for 78 percent of Snapchat users.

And if you want to get started, here’s a breakdown of the several ad formats available. Whether you want to generate sales, leads, or app users.

Single Image or Video Ads

These provide the most traditional ad experience on the platform. They match the Snap Story experience and can therefore be used to generate advertisements that appear to be native to the app.

Since these are short videos, you can combine a series of them to make a longer video.

Collection Ads

These are useful for displaying a group of products. They feature four tappable tiles, and you can use them to create a funny and frictionless shopping experience. It’s a way to give the user the chance to browse through your product without leaving the app. And give them a chance to buy.

Story Ads

These allow you to place a branded tale in the Discovery section. When the users tap on your tile, they jump into a collection of 3-20 Snaps to see more of your content. If you have a longer story or sales script, these ads might be a great choice.

Lenses AR experience

These allow you to exploit a classic Snapchat experience that has drawn a large number of users to the platform. Use this format to create an interactive ad leveraging AR.


A high-impact option that allows advertisers to run non-skippable videos for six seconds. And they can last up to three minutes and appear within Snap’s curated content.


Chances are you know about that dog filter that became popular recently. That filter was created by Snapchat, but it illustrates the concept of this ad format: creating a branded filter and have as many users as possible to use it.

They are effective for awareness campaigns. And they give you a chance to get into the conversations the users are having while generating UGC.

Here you can find the whole list by Snapchat. And if you click on one of them, the company even shows how some brands use it.

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